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Mezzanine floors with an unrivalled specification


Revlok™ combine attention to detail in design and construction with floor loading capacities to suit all uses
The specification of Revlok™ mezzanine floors ensures that they not only look the part, They perform well too!
That applies across a wide spectrum of uses from office expansion and storage right up to heavy duty storage in warehouses, factories and so on where floor loading tolerances must comply with local authority guidelines (see table on the right). Revlok™ mezzanine floors can also be supplied for ‘higher loading in exceptional circumstances’ to support 10.0 kN/m² (1 tonne/m²).

Revlok™ combine attention to detail in design and construction with floor loading capacities to suit all uses

Revlok™ mezzanine floors are fabricated from pre-galvanised structural steel. This cuts out the need for painting and creates a durable, rust-free finish that stands the test of time.

Staircases are fabricated from rectangular hollow-section steel with chequer-plate treads painted with an anti-slip coating. Finished floor heights are tailor-made to suit each application.

To eliminate sway, wire cross-braces are fitted (knee braces can be substituted where access is necessary.

Our Mezzanine Floors Process

With cold rolled steel used to form the structure of our mezzanine floors, the process of our installers constructing these units is much more efficient than structures with heavy and impractical RSJ’s. By using lighter, more practical steel for these frames, a team of only two fitters can transport all the materials onto site themselves, and they can do this in a quick and timely fashion. Not only does this reduce disturbance to you and your site, but it will also be cheaper in the long run, due to the reduced amount of time spent on the site.

All of our workers are qualified at working at height, and have a wealth of experience in fitting and installing mezzanine floors of all different shapes and sizes. Once the steel frame has been fitted, our fitters will install 38mm industrial grade decking, so that you have a fully functioning platform in your warehouse. Handrails and other systems can also be added once the permanent chassis has been assembled.

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