Revlok Mezzanine Flooring


The Revlok™ Mezzanine Floor System

In so many buildings throughout the UK, Revlok™ mezzanine floors and storage platforms have transformed unused space into useful and cost-saving storage platforms and production areas.

Revlok™ mezzanines flooring systems are manufactured at our Rochdale factory in Lancashire from high-grade galvanised steel for extended life.

The columns, beams and secondary clip-on beams form basis of a sturdy modular system which can be tailored to your own specific applications.

In addition, we can design a mezzanine floor for any special requirements you may have such as odd-spaced columns and wide-span beams which allow for various floor loading demands.

The inter-locking system is quick and easy to erect and creates a mezzanine floor of great strength and reliability. Unlike other manufacturers’ designs, Revlok™ mezzanine floors require no nuts and bolts thanks to the unique keyhole-joint design.

For your complete peace of mind, Revlok™ mezzanine flooring is designed and manufactured to meet the highest British engineering standards and has accreditation at Local and National Council Authority levels.

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