Revlok Mezzanine Flooring


Unique mezzanine flooring design features

The modular design of Revlok™ mezzanine flooring systems makes installation quick and easy

The design features of Revlok™ mezzanine floors have a dramatic effect on their speed and ease of installation. To give some examples:

  • The unique ‘keyhole’ joint between the columns and main primary support beams renders nuts and bolts a thing of the past.
  • The ‘keyhole’ concept is unique to Revlok™ and breaks new ground in the design of mezzanines.
  • Secondary support beams hook easily over the primary beams and sit within the depth of the primary beams. This makes for a shallow build depth and more headroom beneath the floor.
  • The manageable size and weight of components means they can be carried easily by two people and assembled using stepladders only. The cost and inconvenience of hiring heavy lifting tackle is therefore eliminated.
  • The modular design of a Revlok™ mezzanine floors system means it can be easily added to or re-configured to suit the changing needs of your business.
  • Revlok™ mezzanine floors can be easily dismantled for re-erection at another site should your business relocate.

Mezzanine floors with measurable benefits
The ease of installation of Revlok™ mezzanine floor systems means they can be designed and installed to fit over existing machinery, racking and shelving, workstations and so on without the need to remove obstructions. This can save enormous amounts of time and minimise disruption in the workplace.

The Revlok™ mezzanine floor system has undergone extensive destructive testing at Salford University and holds an LABC certificate that automatically provides accreditation of building control. We are therefore able to fast-track building regulation applications on your behalf, giving almost instant approval without involving your local council.

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