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For over twenty years Doity Engineering have been Manufacturing and installing the Revlok mezzanine floor system, a proprietary design which eliminates the need for nuts and bolts in the main frame assembly ensuring a speedy erection on site which will minimise client down time.

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Empty space in your premises can be turned into a useable asset, consider areas above machinery or above existing offices, all of these areas can be filled with a Revlok platform which will maximise the space available.

Our mezzanine floors, manufactured here in our Rochdale premises have been installed throughout the UK into a variety of warehouses, retail units and schools and the Revlok system is so flexible that it is an asset which can move whenever you do.

The heart of the design is a keyhole locking system which securely holds the main or primary beam in place whilst the secondary beams are fitted with a special connector. This simple yet effective design means that our mezzanine floors can be installed in around half the time of a traditional RSJ design and as all of the required components can be carried to the build area by hand no heavy lifting equipment is required.

This means clearing the site of shelving and machinery is not longer an issue when you choose a Revlok platform.

Doity Engineering LTD have liaised with approved inspectors for many years and can offer advice on the design and location of staircases to ensure that your mezzanine floor installation will conform to current Building Regulations and we can apply on your behalf making the whole process simple and cost effective.

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